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Magicak web platform is built for Non-IT users to expert level
With useful features, an intuitive interface

With Margick

We have multiple AZ architecture in a single region. Let you enjoy the most advance technologies in a cost effort way.

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High Availability Multiple Regions

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Our Platform,
Boundless Capabilities

Highly Availability
We offer multiple availability zones for your application, so even if one of our zones goes down, your business website will remain operational
Dedicated Virtual Hosting
Each customer gets a dedicated three-tier application architecture, just like other enterprise services that cost thousands of dollars per month in other cloud providers.
Fast speed hosting
We're expanding our global system to provide better service to your customers by utilizing our global CDN and NVMe technology. Get more benefits while paying less.

Guarantee Enterprise Grade Security

We offer standard security features as defaults for our customers, including public SSL certificates, micro-segmentation to protect against cross-attacks, a three-tier application infrastructure (web/app/db), and data-at-rest encryption.

You can enable advance services such as WAF (Web Application Firewall) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection in both standard and premium plans.

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Services provide for you

Web design and Digital Marketing platform for your company

Website Building Tools
Provide user-friendly website creation tools with templates, drag-and-drop builders, and customization.
Hosting Services
Offer fast website hosting on our Multi-Availability Zone Cloud Platform with NVMe technology
Domain Registration
Allow users to purchase and register domain names directly through your platform.
E-Commerce Features
We provide e-commerce features including shopping carts, product listings, and payment processing
Optimized For SEO
Boost your website's search engine performance with our user-friendly SEO features.
Analytics and Reporting
Provide tools for tracking website performance, including traffic analytics and visitor insights.